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Italy is not short of Renaissance cities, but Ferrara seems to be in a class of its own. Its urban fabric is virtually intact. Its planning and eventual construction had a profound influence in how the other cities in Italy were built. Its magnificent Este court drew a constellation of artistic talent including poets, philosophers and artists during the whole of the renaissance period. The town’s Po Delta is a cultural landscape that has been able to retain its original layout remarkably well.

Ferrara is the only Italian town whose layout is not derived from the Roman architecture. The Roman layout developed from the center, but the town’s layout developed on a linear axis along the banks of River Po. The city features longitudinal and cross cities that are very unlike the Roman cities’ piazzas. Ferrara’s urban layout was developed in the 14th century, and it is still the model used in most modern towns. The development model is known as addizione. Another distinguishing feature of Ferrara is that it is the only Renaissance town to have been completed by going through all the 3 phases of an addizione layout.

The street network and the enclosing walls of the town linked the palaces, churches and gardens. The city’s careful planning throughout the 16th century was to make it a future capital city. Unfortunately, this bid would be halted in the 17th century under papal administration and it remained like that for the subsequent 3 centuries. Among the features of the town that draws tourists include bastions, ramparts, keeps, towers barbicans etc.


  • San Giorgio Cathedral - 12th century.
  • The bell tower of the
  • The 13th-century Palazzo Communale and Castello Estense
  • The Palazzo Schifanoia
  • Streets - Corso Ercole I, Corso Rossetti, Corso Porta Mare
  • Palazzo Prosperi-Sacrati
  • Palazzo Bevilacqua
  • Palazzo Turchi-Di Bagno
  • Palazzo dei Diamanti

If you love haunting ancient sites then the ancient town of Ferraro will give you a difference. Unlike most other ancient towns, it will give you a difference in that it is not based on a Roman Model. This is a must visit town when you are touring the ancient towns of Italy.

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