The Pantanal: Brazil's Wetlands

Posted by North South Travel Blogger in Pocone, Brazil

The Pantanal in Brazil is a rich wetland area preserving some of the world's most precious species. See why it's worth the trip!

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See the Castles of Ghana

Posted by North South Travel Blogger in Ghana

Ghana's lands are rich with history and discovery. Visit some of the nation's castle and forts for an intriguing journey into the past.

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Islandhopping Deluxe by Boat & Electric biycle or Hybrid Bike Cycling Holiday National Parks of Dalmatia PLUS!!!!

Posted by North South Travel in Croatia

Electric bikes are a true declaration of independence for everybody who enjoys activity. They allow a hassle-free cycling as well as climbing mountains without difficulty. But all cycle tours are planned in a way that enables also cyclist riding a hybrid bike - but wanting to spend their vacation on one of the deluxe boats - to join the bike rides trouble-free if they have a basic level of fitness. With the brand new deluxe boats Princeza Diana and Harmonia you can experience on this trip the greenest part of Croatia for one week: Not only the famous national parks of Dalmatia like Krka and Kornati or the nature park of Telašćica are part of this wonderful tour but also the medieval old towns of Šibenik, Zadar and Trogir. We also visit Dugi Otok – probably the most beautiful Middle-Dalmatian Island.

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Top 10 Russian Tourist Destinations

Posted by North South Travel Blogger in Russian

Russia is rich with culture, history, and modern advancements. With so many wonderful options, it's difficult to choose where to go first. Here our 10 sites in Russia that are worth the trip!

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Immerse Yourself in Japanese Culture by Staying at a Ryokan

Posted by North South Travel Blogger in Japan

If you're looking for an experiential Japanese vacation, consider staying at a Ryokan ... there are simply no substitutions for the perfect Asian experience.

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5 Fun Activities in Nepal

Posted by North South Travel Blogger in Nepal

When you've seen the sites and shopped the stores, what more can be done in Nepal? Plenty! Here are our top 5 recommendations.

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Earth Day was a Huge Success!

Posted by North South Travel in Vancouver, British Columbia

The crafty hands at NST were busy on Monday making tiny terrariums to celebrate our green spirit.  A few fortunate clients got a sur...

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Getting Around the Honduras

Posted by North South Travel Blogger in Honduras

Moving within a city is simple with many options of public and private transportation, but what if you want to move from one city to the next? It's easy to do when you're in the Honduras!

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The Coast Coal Harbour Hotel: A Green Getaway

Posted by North South Travel Blogger in Vancouver, British Columbia

Green is the new gold and, these days, more and more tourists are setting aside star ratings in favour of green initiatives like the policy set out by the Coast Coal Harbour Hotel in Vancouver, BC.

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Stay Safe While Visiting the Ivory Coast

Posted by North South Travel Blogger in Ivory Coast

Visiting the Ivory Coast may warrant a high degree of caution, but with the proper planning and knowledge, your trip can be spent having fun, rather than worrying about what might happen.

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Go Mountaineering in Greenland

Posted by North South Travel Blogger in Greenland

The mountains of Greenland have a lot to offer for the adventurous traveller. Whether you're a beginner or you've been climbing mountains your whole life, there are trails and rock faces that you can take advantage of. A leisurely climb up the mountain, or a challenging scale of cliff face? It's entirely up to you!

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Bahia: The Turquoise State

Posted by North South Travel Blogger in Bahia

Where can you find leisurely tropical beaches and intricate mountain ranges in one place? Bahia, of course!

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