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Posted by Laura Hernandez - Nurse · Jan 07 · in Los Angeles, California · about Luxury

Experience a better way to fly commercial, with unwavering service and seamless access with The Private Suite at LAX.

The Private Suite at LAX is an exclusive, first of its kind, terminal designed for travelers seeking the highest convenience, security and privacy.The Private Suite is a completely new way to travel commercial that eliminates the stress and unpredictability of flying in and out of LAX. While it typically takes a passenger more than 2,000 footsteps to get from car seat to plane seat, for members of The Private Suite, it’s just 70 footsteps, and every footstep is peaceful and efficient. Another huge bonus of the service is bypassing traditional TSA and Customs lines and going through privately at The Private Suite’s onsite facilities.

We recently booked the new and exclusive Private Suite LAX for some of our VIP clients and they had a fantastic time and said they were treated like royalty!

You are met as you get off the plane and taken down the stairs to the super car which is waiting to transfer you yo the lounge. There is lots food available to pick and choose from, and drinks are free-flowing. You can even get a massage during your relax time and then will get taken directly to the plane for your next flight.

No waiting in line for customs or border control as you have access to private kiosks in your arrival lounge. Bliss!

There is an outside grass area for you to enjoy, and a great kids area. Travelling with your dog? No problem, there is even a dedicated doggie play area

Our clients LOVED this experience and cannot wait to book it for their next flight into LA.

Plus when you book through us, you can enjoy a complimentary bottle of champagne at the suite as a our gift to you!

Freshen up and take a shower so you can feel rejuvenated before your next flight!

Want more information on this extraordinary service? Don't hesitate to contact us today at 604-736-7447 or by sending us a message via the 'contact us' button!

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