Sharon Smyth

Sharon Smyth

Travel Concierge/Film & Vacation Specialist

Ever dreamed of travelling like a star?

Whether you’re booking a vacation of a lifetime, a short fun getaway, your honeymoon or are a film production needing help with international or domestic travel, no challenge is too big or small for Sharon Smyth.

“I’ve travelled the world over. I’ve been to more than 20 countries on six of the seven continents. I have 25 years of experience with film industry travel. There’s nothing I can’t help you find or get to and from. I’m happy to share experiences, and I adore hearing about new ones – it’s all a part of discovering our world, one plane ticket at a time.”

You don’t need to have a movie-star budget to see the world. Just the desire to want to go. Sharon can show you how to make your travel dreams happen, work with you to find activities you love, in locations often only seen on the big screens.

“I have booked a month of luxe and leisure for celebrity clients, and I’ve booked students going on their first adventure and on a budget. All of them saw the same stunning sunset from the same beach. Had coffee at the same quaint street café. Tasted wines from the same vineyards. Tasted the salt from the same ocean. There are so many experiences to have. How you get to them shouldn’t be a stressful affair. This is what I do. I will give you the best I can for the budget you have. And whether it’s a couple, a single person, or an entire cast and crew of a movie – let me worry about the how and why. Just pack your bags, and be ready for the adventure.”

Every destination is an experience. I’ve been so blessed to have had the opportunity to have as many unique experiences as I have. Whether it’s waking up to a postcard perfect day on a yacht in the Caribbean, or watching the sun set over the Swiss Alps, those a treasured memories. I’ve slept in an igloo and a castle. How does one compare those? You can’t. Experiences make our lives richer. How you get to those experiences, is up to you. But I can help you make the most of them.”

And film industry travel?

“The reality of doing travel for the film industry is, to edit a quote from a movie, the number one rule about doing film industry travel, is you don’t talk about film industry travel. I can tell you I’ve made sure A-list stars got to where the needed to go. I’ve made sure an entire film cast and crew moved locations from one country to another. I’ve made sure a crew has made it into and out of a not-so-safe place in the world. Celebrity animals? Sure, they have places to be too! It’s all part of the job. And for me, knowing I was a tiny part of something enjoyed around the world, is just awesome!”

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