Brent Coate

Brent Coate

Senior Corporate Travel Advisor

Brent started in the industry 27 years ago and has spent the majority of his career managing corporate travel. Brent previously ran his own business in the film industry for 12 years arranging travel for the stars! Brent thrives on our very fast paced, ever-changing industry and is used to managing a busy workload whilst paying close attention to the finest detail for the most discerning clientele.

Brent is extremely close with his family and friends and loves hanging out with them. When it comes to down time, Brent loves music and says he couldn’t live without it. He has an extensive collection and is constantly finding new & different eclectic tracks. Brent even worked as a DJ in the past and was a radio personality for an online radio station!

Like most of us in the industry, Brent loves to travel and makes the most of every opportunity. His favourite cities are New York and Berlin. The number one destination on Brent’s bucket list is Australia. Brent has also travelled extensively to the USA & Mexico, as well as visiting Europe and parts of Asia.

Brent says he “loves the electronic age we are living in” and with that, he tries to be as paperless as possible.

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