Angelica Ruiz Rodriguez
+1 604-717-1744

Angelica Ruiz Rodriguez


Angelica is the passionate and vibrant concierge at our luxury travel agency. With a deep love for travel and a wealth of personal experience, Angelica brings her infectious enthusiasm and attention to detail to support our agents in crafting exceptional itineraries for our valued clients. Having explored diverse destinations such as Australia, Belgium, and China, Angelica's firsthand knowledge of these cultures and landscapes enriches her ability to effectively support unforgettable travel experiences.

Before joining our team, Angelica embarked on her travel industry journey as a flight attendant, allowing her to traverse the globe and experience the industry firsthand. Her time in aviation honed her skills in customer service and cultivated a deep appreciation for the intricacies of seamless travel. Together with the remarkable agents at North South Travel, travel dreams are transformed into realities, ensuring that every client's journey is infused with the same spirit of adventure that has fueled Angelica's own exploration.

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