Angela Wright

Angela Wright

Luxury Travel Advisor

After nearly two decades in senior sales positions in the investment management industry, Angela decided to take her passion for world travel and make it the next chapter in her career.With several years behind her as a luxury travel advisor plus many years booking her own business and personal travel, Angela is ready to help you make your travel dreams come true!

Angela is happiest when outside her comfort zone as a traveler; be it with language, food or culture. She often creates meals at home inspired by her travels, and loves sharing the unique flavours with friends and family. Spices are her favourite souvenirs!

Angela helps others embrace the idea of traveling places that are very different from home, and helps them fall in love with those differences, as she has. Among her favourite destinations so far, Angela lists Jordan, Morocco, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Cambodia, Thailand and Mexico.

She wants to experience it all and help you do it too!

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