Top Reasons Multigenerational Families Should Book a Cruise

Posted by Dana Elford · Jan 07 · in Miami, Florida · about River or Ocean Cruises

Planning a trip for you and your extended family? If you’re fortunate enough to have 2, 3, or more generations that all want to vacation together, cruising needs to be at the top of your list for vacation ideas. It’s a stress-free option that so many people are taking that has something for everyone. Cruise lines have made major changes to accommodate multi-generational groups.

We’ll break down for you some great perks of cruising with your toddlers, teenagers, parents, and grandparents!

There are dining options for every age and need

From the casual restaurants, to the buffet, to the quick burgers & fries, to the sit down brunches & dinners, there is a dining option for everyone. Cruise line's now offer 'flexible dining' where you can choose a time frame that you'd like to eat for dinner, and you're not locked in to a set time every evening. If you prefer having a set time, that is also still an option which people enjoy. If your party is on the larger side (more than 10 people) you can contact the cruise line well in advance to request dining times to accommodate your party. It's suggested that you do this as much in advance as possible!

There are activities and outlets for all ages

Cruising has evolved extensively over the last decade. There is truly something for everyone. Cruise lines offer programs for both children & teens, and also organized supervised activities for various ages. From cooking classes, karaoke, art exhibits, Spa treatments, waterparks, bingo, trivia, comedy shows, yoga classes, and dance classes, there is no shortage of fun for everyone! Some of the most interesting on-board activities we've discovered? IMAX theatres, bowling alleys, rock climbing walls, museums, and cycling through the sky.

You can set up a private shore excursion

Travelling with a group of family or friends? With most cruise lines now you can plan your own private group excursions. Not only are they budget friendly, but customizable. Don't forget to organize your group excursions before sailing! Don't feel like spending every day in a group? Not to worry. You can group off in different shore excursions, meet up halfway through the day, or go off on your own. The options are limitless!

Staterooms are designed with families in mind

As more multigenerational families are cruising together, staterooms have been designed specifically with this in mind. Many cruise lines now feature family staterooms, with living areas, 2 washrooms, and additional sleeping areas. Connecting staterooms are now becoming increasingly popular as well. Options to book staterooms close to family-friendly activities are becoming the norm, as well as having family-specific areas to gather that are away from the other common ship areas.

Family friendly entertainment for everyone is easy to find

From family friendly comedy shows earlier in the evening, to concerts, yoga classes, sports, mini golf, movies on deck, and more adult activities in the evening, cruises are targeting all ages and their entertainment is following suit.

Cruising can be educational

Cruising can be one of the most educational ways of travelling. Shore excursions in various different ports can keep you engaged and learning something new every day. Historical tours, eco-adventures, or city tours are great ways to learn about a new culture. Learning about a different way of living aside from your own is a great way to expand your understanding of different parts of the world.

You get to vacation and spend time with your family at the same time

Cruising gives the unique opportunity of combining transportation, dining, lodging, and entertainment all in one, where everyone can gather in one place – and nobody has to drive home! Many families are living in so many different places and have limited vacation time. Combining a family reunion with a vacation is the perfect opportunity for quality time with your loved ones and a relaxing (or exciting!) vacation.

Do you have questions about planning your first cruise, or are you thinking of planning your next one? Our Cruise Specialists at North South Travel can help you select what cruise line, ship, and itinerary would best suit your needs - whether it's just for yourself, or a large group!

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