Are You New to Cruising? See 10 Reasons Why Cruise Vacations are Fantastic!

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The travel options are truly endless... there has never been a better time to try a cruise vacation! We often speak to clients who don't think a cruise is for them, but when we dig deeper we find out they still have misconceptions which are no longer reflecting the cruise industry today! Whether or not you are a first time cruiser, or have sailed many times, our team of Cruise Specialists have cruised the high seas on nearly every line there is out there! We can help guide you in the right direction and find the perfect vacation for you! 

See our 10 top reasons why cruising is a great vacation option:

1) Cruise Vacation Variety: Over the past 15 years, cruise vacation options have continued to evolve and, today, there is a cruise for every kind of traveller. Ranging from family cruises complete with kid-friendly brand experiences to high-end pampering at world-class spas, there’s a cruise experience for every travel desire.

2) Best Bang for Your Buck: Cruise travelers state the “Return on Experience” offered by a cruise vacation is better than other vacation options. In addition to meals, accommodations and on-board activities that are typically included in the price, cruises also allow travellers to see multiple destinations in one trip, and for one cost.

3) On the River and Beyond: River cruising is experiencing a big boost in cruise popularity and allow travellers to reach inland destinations that were never thought possible. River cruises now sail to more intimate spaces and lands previously thought hard to get to by cruise.

4) A Tailored Trip: Cruises offer each traveler the chance to customize a trip specifically to personal travel preferences. Whether travellers are hoping to relax by the pool or explore ancient ruins, there’s a cruise and itinerary available.

5) Cruise to Every Corner of the World: Cruising not only allows travellers to travel to multiple destinations but also makes touring foreign countries accessible and less intimidating. A cruise can take travelers to foreign lands without the worry of navigating airports, restaurants or tourist sites.

6) Never a Dull Moment: Many cruise lines offer a variety of on-board activities to keep travellers entertained, day or night, as they travel from port to port. From simulated surfing and sky diving to wine and chocolate tastings, the offerings are diverse and abundant.

7) Multi-Generational Cruising: It’s hard to please everyone when it comes to vacationing, but cruising is designed to appeal to every age from toddlers to seniors. From family reunions to the family vacation of a lifetime, cruise experiences are the perfect multi-generational travel solution.

8) Staying Connected at Sea: While many like the appeal of being disconnected while on vacation, there are those that want or need to be connected while at sea. Today’s cruises offer a myriad of Wi-Fi, onboard texting and data options.

9) A Healthier Vacation: With a growing emphasis on health and well-being, cruising offers a wide variety of health benefits. From the purity of ocean air to on-board fitness options, there’s a way for everyone to stay healthy in both mind and body while on a cruise.

10) See the World, But Unpack Once: Cruising gives travellers the chance to see, do and experience all areas of the world. While one can pack as little or as much into their trip as they’d like, their suitcase only needs to be unpacked once.

On top of this, as North South Travel is a member of the prestigious Virtuoso network, which is the world's largest luxury travel network. This means when you book directly with us you can get extra perks many other agencies or online sites cannot give! This includes special pricing, amenities and shipboard credits where possible. 

Furthermore if you choose a special Virtuoso Voyages sailing we can offer you additional complimentary benefits on the world's finest cruise ships across hundreds of annual departures. The benefits include: 

* Dedicated Onboard Hosts: The hosts are focused on ensuring you enjoy your cruise; they're available throughout the journey to answer any questions you may have and generally help everything go smoothly. In addition, they facilitate introductions between you and other cruisers at events such as... 

* Welcome Aboard Cocktail Reception: This is a private event planned specifically for you and fellow Voyager Club travelers. The onboard host moves about making introductions, and this helps you ease into the overall cruise socially.

* Camaraderie Of Fellow Travelers: Chances are that you're traveling with family or friends, but building memories with like-minded travelers you meet along the way can add an unexpected extra to your cruise. Share a few great meals and a terrific shore excursion, and you just might have some friends for life. 

* Exclusive Shore Excursion: You can immerse yourself in the local culture, or you can enjoy VIP access to venues. These exclusive shore events are specifically for Voyager Club cruisers. All of our travel advisors have access to the select dates and also information about the additional options such as a gift or shipboard credit on select sailings.

Contact our Cruise Specialists for more information and to hear about the current special offers in the market! Call us on 604-736-7447 or inquire via our contact form on the website!

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