The Enthralling Beauty of Sabtang Island, Batanes, Philippines

Posted by Chiemi Irene Alonzo · Aug 17 · in Sabtang Island, Philippines · about Adventure

The Philippines is composed of more or less 7,107 islands, and one of those islands is Sabtang, part of the Batanes group of islands, situated in the northernmost part of the Philippines.

Due to its distance from the main Philippine island and inclement weather, but its beauty and quaint charm will mesmerize you as soon as you step into its shores. It is composed of six villages, and is a 40-minute boat ride from Ivana, the portal to Sabtang. 

Sabtang Island, its name sounds so mystifying and magical, is isolated from the trappings of modern structures and technology. The fiery sun, pristine waters, unusual rock formations will make you feel like you are in another world.

There are so many places in Sabtang that will awe you, but you must first take a trek to Savidug Village, minutes from the town center, where streets are lined up with old houses, built from lime and stones with cogon roofs. Check out the Sabtang Church constructed in 1844 and a historic landmark, revel in the fantastic views from the Sabtang Lighthouse, enjoy a swim at Morong beach, and discover hidden wonders at Nakabuang Cave.

There are so many other places in Sabtang that will enthrall you. It is a paradise that will leave its imprint in your heart. Come to Sabtang and be bewitched by its beauty.

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