Lattitude Ghana 28 day experience | from $2,830.00 USD per person

Posted by Liz · in Ghana · about Adventure

Lattitude Ghana 28 day experience | from $2,830.00 USD per person

Posted by Liz · in Ghana · about Adventure

West Africa between Freetown and Accra - 28 days - Dragoman - Prices from $2,830 + USD

28 days between Freetown City and Accra or vice versa...

This truly adventurous and challenging journey starts on the stunning coastline of the Freetown Peninsula before overlanding to Sierra Leone's eastern province to the unique Tiwai Island Wildlife sanctuary, Sierra Leone's first & only community conservation program. The true adventure however starts as we journey through Sierra Leone's Northern Province into Guinea's stunning mountainous forested area boasting stunning scenery, beautiful hills, lush forests and streams and villages famed for their vine bridges. We cross the border from Guinea and plunge into Cote d'Ivoire; famed for its turbulent past, the Cote d'Ivoire is now stable enough for us to visit. We head south through Cote d'Ivoire, stopping at the capital of Yamoussoukro and the old French capital of Grand Bassam, boasting colonial buildings and beaches. Our journey continues along the Atlantic coast to Ghana where we get hands-on at the Sabre Trust community project in Elmina whilst also finding time to relax on the stunning beaches. We visit the town of Kumasi and Kakum National Park – host to a stunning canopy walkway – before reaching our final destination of Accra, Ghana's capital. This trip truly has everything from cities to mountains and beaches to mud roads!

Itinerary (based on a December departure, more options available)

Day 1: Freetown City

Day 2-4: Freetown

Day 5: Tiwai Island Sanctuary

Day 6: Tiwai Island Sanctuary

Day 7-8: Makeni, Kabala

Day 9-10: Faranah region wild camp, Faranah

Day 11: Macenta, Gueckedou

Day 12-13: Forested Guinea, Nzerekore

Day 14-15: Cote d'Ivoire wild camp

Day 16-17: Korhogo

Day 18-19: Yamoussoukro

Day 20-21: Grand Bassam

Day 22-23: Elmina (Brenu Akynin)

Day 24: Cape Coast, Kakum National Park

Day 25-26: Kakum National Park, Kumasi

Day 27: Accra

Day 28: Accra

Included Activities

  • Overnight in the Capital of Sierra Leone, Freetown
  • 2 night stay at the Tiwai Island Wildlife Sanctuary in eastern Sierra Leone
  • Nature walk through Tiwai Island Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Walk to visit one of the famous vine bridges in the forested region of Guinea
  • Guided tour of the artisan villages in and around Korhogo
  • Marvel at the opulence of the Basilique de Notre Dame de la Paix, the largest Christian place of worship in the world
  • Help out at the Sabre Trust School project
  • Learn all about the appalling history of the slave trade with a tour of Cape Coast Castle
  • Visit to the stunning jungles of Kakum National Park and walk through the rainforests at night
  • Discover the rainforest canopy on the suspended bridges in Kakum National Park

**Optional activities available for a low cost

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