Egypt is making a come back! | from $2,020.00 CAD

Posted by Laura Hernandez - Nurse · in Egypt · about River or Ocean Cruises

Egypt is making a come back! | from $2,020.00 CAD

Posted by Laura Hernandez - Nurse · in Egypt · about River or Ocean Cruises

We are thrilled that travelers are finally returning to Egypt. As a destination it is very popular and in high demand. Cruising along the Nile allows you to fully immerse yourself into the ancient culture of Egypt. Feast your eyes with the legendary pyramids and prepare to be amazed by the impressive architecture and experience old world elegance with an infusion of modern culture.

We have access to fascinating cruise itineraries that our preferred partners have on offer and we wanted to share our favourites. The following itineraries varies from 7 to 12 days depending on each cruise line.

If you’re interested, contact one of our Cruise & Leisure Travel Specialists to inquire on pricing and availability and take advantage of the exclusive Virtuoso amenities and added value when booking with us.

Uniworld Splendors of Egypt and The Nile

Our friends at Uniworld have created a truly special Egypt trip. With 4 days on land, and 8 on the Nile river, it’s a perfect combination and allows you to see the highlights of the region. Before even boarding the fabulous River Tosca, you will be treated to the some of the most amazing sights Cairo has. Once you have departed, the spectacles you get to experience won’t disappoint either! After a few days have passed and you’re starting to miss solid land, we will make landfall in Aswan where the ancient and the modern have culminated to form a very special place. You will return to the Nile for a couple more days before ending things off back in Cairo for some final sightseeing activities. When booking with us, receive up to $200 shipboard credit per person, as a Virtuoso amenity!

  • Day 1 - Cairo
  • Day 2 - Cairo
  • Day 3 - Cairo + Luxor + Dendera
  • Day 4 - Dendera +Luxor
  • Day 5 - Luxor + Kom-Ombo
  • Day 6 - Kom-Ombo + Aswan
  • Day 7 - Aswan
  • Day 8 - Aswan + Kom-Ombo + Edfu
  • Day 9 - Esna + Luxor
  • Day 10 - Luxor + Cairo
  • Day 11 - Cairo
  • Day 12 - Cairo
12 Day packages starting at $7,299 Jan - May, Sept - Dec 2020

Luxury Gold Elegance of Egypt

Have an unforgettable 7 day tour around Egypt with this lovely little getaway. Enjoy the sights and sounds for 2 days in Cairo before flying out to Aswan and boarding the River Tosca. You will slowly make your way up the Nile, checking out the sights during the 3-night cruise before landing in Luxor. The next day, you will experience the sights of, and around Luxor before heading back to Cairo that night. Your trip concludes after breakfast, when you get transferred back to Cairo Airport to go home. When booking with us, each guest is offered a $50 experience voucher for use towards any Insight Vacation or Luxury Gold Optional Experience, as a Virtuoso amenity!

  • Day 1 - Cairo
  • Day 2 - Cairo
  • Day 3 - Aswan
  • Day 4 - Kom-Ombo
  • Day 5 - Edfu + Esna
  • Day 6 - Luxor + Cairo
  • Day 7 - Cairo
7 Day packages starting at $3,550 Jan - Mar 2020

Viking Pharaohs & Pyramids

Viking River Cruises invites you to uncover one of History’s greatest civilizations while experiencing the welcoming culture of today. Take in the sights of the pyramid from your perch atop a majestic camel. After departing Cairo the group will make its way to Luxor where we board our Nile cruise ship. Across the river, visit the Valley of Kings, where ancient pharaohs were entombed deep in the hillsides, and the Valley of the Queens, resting place of pharaohs’ wives. Then you will travel down the Nile, stopping in Qena, Esna, Aswan, and Edfu before arriving back in Luxor and flying back to Cairo for your return flight home.

  • Day 1 - Cairo
  • Day 2 - Cairo
  • Day 3 - Cairo
  • Day 4 - Luxor
  • Day 5 - Luxor
  • Day 6 - Qena
  • Day 7 - Esna
  • Day 8 - Aswan
  • Day 9 - Aswan
  • Day 10 - Edfu
  • Day 11 - Luxor
  • Day 12 - Cairo
12 Day packages starting at $7,899 Jan, Mar, Sept, Dec 2020

Tauck Egypt: Jewels of the Nile

Spend an unforgettable 10 days with Tauck in Egypt. This package would include a 5-day cruise along the Nile, and 5 days on land, so you know you’ve got the best of both worlds. Start off on the right foot with visits to the Great Sphinx, and the Pyramids of Giza. Then you’re off to Luxor where you finally get to board your ship (either the Oberoi Zahra, or Oberoi Philae (pictured)) and start your trip down the Nile. Leaving Luxor, you journey to Esna, Edfu, and Aswan. A full day awaits you in Aswan, with a morning flight to Abu Simbel to visit with The Great Temple. At night, you fly back to Aswan to rest before headed back to Cairo for the last couple of days of your trip.

  • Day 1 - Cairo
  • Day 2 - Cairo
  • Day 3 - Luxor
  • Day 4 - Esnu
  • Day 5 - Edfu + Kom-Ombo
  • Day 6 - Aswan
  • Day 7 - Aswan + Abu Simbel
  • Day 8 - Cairo
  • Day 9 - Cairo
  • Day 10 - Cairo
10 Day packages starting at $10,380 Jan - Apr, Sept - Dec 2020

Globus Egyptian Escape with Nile Cruise

If you've ever dreamed of standing at the foot of the great pyramids, now is the time to escape to Egypt. A 9 day trip in total, this would include a 4 night cruise aboard the MS Mayfair. Starting in Cairo, you would get to visit the Egyptian Museum before heading for a short trip to Giza to see the Sphinx and the Great Pyramids. The next day, you'll be flying to Luxor, and hopping onto your cruise ship. As you journey down the Nile, you'll be making a couple stops along the way at Edfu, and Kom Ombo, before arriving in Aswan. Once in Aswan, you'll be treated to some free time, or if you would prefer to be guided around, there is an optional excursion to Abu Simbel. After that, you'll be flying back to Cairo where you will be able to catch your flight home.

  • Day 1 - Cairo
  • Day 2 - Cairo
  • Day 3 - Cairo + Luxor
  • Day 4 - Luxor + Edfu
  • Day 5 - Edfu + Kom-Ombo + Aswan
  • Day 6 - Aswan
  • Day 7 - Aswan
  • Day 8 - Aswan + Cairo
  • Day 9 - Cairo
9 Day packages starting at $2,020 Jan - Mar 2020

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