Cruise from Rome to Athens with Regent Seven Seas Splendor | from $14,149.00 CAD

Posted by Laura Hernandez - Nurse · in Piraeus, Greece · about River or Ocean Cruises

Cruise from Rome to Athens with Regent Seven Seas Splendor | from $14,149.00 CAD

Posted by Laura Hernandez - Nurse · in Piraeus, Greece · about River or Ocean Cruises

We are exited to bring you this incredible ocean cruise through the spectacular Mediterranean sea along the luxurious Regent Seven Seas Splendor.

Get a taste of the "Aegean Treasures" and sail through the iconic cities of Sorrento and Taormina to the sunny isles of Greece. Departing on September 24th 2020, this 11-day amazing itinerary will take you through the most historic sites from Rome to Athens.

Pricing starts from CAD$14,149 per person for a Deluxe Veranda. North South Travel guests will receive an exclusive USD$300 per suite shipboard credit due to our membership in the Virtuoso network. Our group prices are locked in but space is subject to availability, so lock in your cabin for September 2020 today!

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Cruise through the Campania region in Italy and delight your view with the region's beautiful towns filled with history and culture. Visit Sorrento and plan a day trip to the magilcal town of Capri, enjoy a walk through the wonders of the UNESCO-designated city of Valleta in Malta or explore the unforgettable wonders of the Greek islands.

Day to day itinerary - Rome to Athens

Day 1 - Arrive at Rome–(Embarkation Day). Enjoy a hike through the Spanish Steps, visit the St. Peter's Basilica or the Sistine Chapel and get a panoramic view of the city if you are willing to climb to the top of the dome. Do not miss to visit the renowned Trevi Fountain, the Coliseum or Aventine Hill.

Day 2 - Sorrento - Explore one of the world's most beautiful towns, built on a coast with breathtaking views and landscapes. Overlooking the bay of Naples, Sorrento is the key point on the Sorrentine Peninsula and is one of the most popular destinations of the entire Campania region.

Day 3 - Taormina - From the port city of Naxos you will be transfrred to the beautiful city of Taormina. Highlights of any tour of this city would include the remarkably preserved Roman-style Greek Theater, whose acoustics are still appreciated in performances today; the splendid 15th century Palazzo Corvaia; and the Odeon, a small Imperial Age theater set amidst colorful public gardens.

Day 4 - Valleta - This UNESCO World Heritage city is Malta's major port and capital. The centerpiece is the impressive 19th century Mosta Dome, visible from anywhere on the island, with its inlaid marble floor and the gilded, carved stone flowers set around the interior dome. For a tranquil afternoon, stroll the San Anton Palace Gardens, artistically laid out in Three Villages - Attard, Lija and Balzan. Or, for spectacular vistas, take a day tour to Dingli Cliffs, which offer striking views of the sea and rugged coastline.

Day 5 - At Sea

Day 6 - Aghios Nikolaos - Crete’s eastern corner is home to the resort of Agios Nikolaos, a port that leads the way to the island’s most significant ancient ruins. The ancient Minoans lived on Crete as far back as 2500 BC in a society that was by far the most advanced at the time. The ruins of the Minoan palaces at Knossos date from 1700 to 1500 BC and reveal remarkable achievements.

Day 7 - Mykonos - One of Greece’s most adored destinations due to its picture- postcard setting and growing nightlife. Mykonos is a superb example of Cycladic architecture, and by law even new buildings have to be built in the same style of whitewashed, organic, cube-like buildings. Be sure to plan a day trip to take in picturesque Little Venice, the unique Paraportiani church, and the archeological dig at Delos.

Day 8 - Rhodes - Renowned as the site of the former Colossus of Rhodes, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, Rhodes was home to the Knights of St. John from the 12th to 16th centuries. Their famous Palace of the Grand Masters remains a “must-see,” as are many of the inns occupied by the Crusaders and the replica of the old church. For a more in-depth look at the city, visitors can take in the Archeological where the Acropolis of Rhodes and the ancient stadium offer perfect photo opportunities.

Day 9 - Kos - The island of Kos is rich in monuments and stunning scenery. You will find that the preferred way to get around the island is by bicycle and the preferred pastime is to bask on any of its beautiful beaches. Among the marquis attractions is the archaeological site of Asklepeion, thought to be the world’s first hospital built in honor of Hippocrates, the famed Greek physician. Toast to Kos by sampling the local wine at one of the many award-winning wineries or take a boat to Nisyros, famously known as the Island of the Volcano.

Day 10 - Santorini - With dramatic views of classic whitewashed houses clinging perilously to the side of the caldera and stunning beaches of white and red sand or black pebbles, it’s no wonder this may be the most photographed scenery in the world. Visit Ancient Akrotiri, the archeological site of a town frozen in time by ash from an eruption 3,600 years ago. Also worth a day trip is the Volcano of Santorini Palea (old) Kameni and Nea (new) Kameni , two small islands of black lava positioned in the centre of the basin of Santorini.

Day 11 - Athens - (Disembark) Piraeus is the gateway to the ancient city of Athens, known as the “Cradle of Western Civilization” because of its immense impact on cultural and political achievements throughout the world. Due mainly to tourism and the 2004 Olympics, Greece has redeveloped many sites in Athens. A historian’s delight, Athens is home to such magnificent wonders as: the Acropolis, the Parthenon, the atmospheric winding streets of the Plaka, Temple of Olympian Zeus and Temple of Athena Nike, and the Archaeological Museum with the world’s finest collection of ancient artifacts.

It's All Included

  • FREE Business Class Air* on Intercontinental Flights
  • FREE Unlimited Shore Excursions
  • FREE 1-Night Pre-Cruise Hotel Package
  • FREE Unlimited Beverages Including
  • Fine Wines and Premium Spirits
  • FREE Open Bars and Lounges PLUS In-Suite Mini-Bar Replenished Daily
  • FREE Pre-Paid Gratuities
  • FREE Specialty Restaurants
  • FREE Transfers Between Airport and Ship
  • FREE Unlimited WiFi

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