Jeju Island, South Korea’s Enchanting Island

Posted by Sunshine Silva · Aug 31 · in South Korea · about Sightseeing

A favorite of both local and foreign tourists, Jeju Island is one of the most visited places in South Korea. It is filled with natural wonders including the highest mountain in South Korea, a lava cave system, a crater lake, fantastic beaches and waterfalls. In fact, the island was classified as a World Heritage Site in 2007, and is one of New Seven Wonders of Nature.

In 2013, Jeju Island broke the ten million mark for both local and international tourists visiting the island.  2.8 million people arrived via ferries, while the rest via the Jeju International Airport, the second largest international airport in South Korea, served by a number of domestic and international carriers. From the airport, you can take a car, city bus or limousine bus service to your hotel.

Jeju Island is a place where sightseeing and visiting numerous attractions is a must. You can climb up to Mount Hallasan, the highest mountain in Korea and a UNESCO biosphere reserve. Aside from the majestic view it affords, it is filled with lush vegetation, a number of bird species, and a crater lake. Check out the deep-diving women of the island called Haenyo. You would be surprised to know that the average age of these women, who dive 10-20 meters without any breathing apparatus, is 65 years old! Take pictures of the Dolhareubang, Jeju's Old Grandfather Statues located at the Jeju Stone Park. And of course, a trip will not be complete if you do not take a swim at the Jungmun Beach.

A visit to Jeju Island will leave you wanting for more. Why not start your journey now, so you can return for more!  

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