How to take awesome photos

Posted by Liz · Oct 07 · about Before your trip

Pictures remind us of happy moments. They might be from your holiday vacation, your corporate retreat, family gatherings, dinner dates etc. Taking pictures is an art. Therefore, not all pictures will capture the moments quite the way you want them to. Below are a few tips that can help you capture your moments in the best way possible.

1. Always make sure you look your best by checking yourself out on a mirror.

2. Unless you are taking a picture for your passport, putting a very serious face is not recommended. Most photographers will advise you to relax and lighten up or at least, smile to the pictures.

3. However much you smile, however good you look, your background will ruin your photo if it is not carefully selected. Make sure the background also tells the story.

4. You must have the right gear for a good photograph. A good camera, a tripod and good shutter speed adjustments will make your photo come out more beautiful.

5. Before Taking a Picture, ensure that you are still and confident. Pictures that are taken in motion are usually blurry and not good to look at.

6. It is better if you try out several postures. You can then select the picture that comes out the best to show off to your friends.

7. Camera properties such as zooming in or out as well as the angle you take the picture with may mean the difference between a great picture and an average one.

8. Always make sure that reflective devices such as mirrors, light cultured tiles, excess lighting etc. do not spoil your picture.

9. Nowadays there are a lot of tools to edit a picture. You can use tools such as Photoshop to edit things you do not like on your photos.

10. Fond memories are best captured when people are happy. Make silly-faces, give your friends bear hugs, hold hands if you have to...but make sure that the happy moments are well captured.

If you can think of additional things that you can do to make your pictures look more beautiful, feel free to add to the list.

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