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We are pleased to reveal an exclusive Free Airfare offer (Up to US$1,000 value!) PLUS US$100 Bar Credit for the following July & August departures with One Ocean Expeditions! There is limited availability so please contact our adventure specialists, Jane Patrick or Anne Bird to enquire today! 604.736.7447

Baffin Island and West Greenland - Off the Beaten Track


Departing July 22 2015. Prices from US$7,695 PLUS FREE AIR FROM OTTAWA! (Up to $1,000 value)



The Arctic has an allure that grips many adventurers. Whether it’s the Inuit culture of the Canadian North, the incredible wildlife along the fringe of the ice, or the riveting exploration history that captivates many a reader. The Arctic Circle is also a highlight of this trip.  A parallel of latitude located at about 66 degrees and 33 minutes North, the Arctic Circle marks the southernmost latitude where the sun stays above the horizon for 24-hours on the Summer Solstice. Over the course of this voyage we will cross the Arctic Circle at least twice on the ship as we explore this region of the Eastern Canadian Arctic and the West Coast of Greenland.

In the Canadian Arctic we will search for Polar Bears along the ice edge in Davis Strait, visit the stunning town of Pangnirtung with it’s backdrop of Auyittuq National Park and look for bowhead whales in Cumberland Sound.

Crossing Davis Strait will take us to Greenland, heading partway up Sondre Stromfjord, one of the longest fjords in the world, in search of muskox.  We will poke our nose into a fjord just south of Sondre Stromfjord in search of some glaciers before heading south for Nuuk, the capital of Greenland and our return trip across Davis Strait to Iqaluit.

A further dimension to this expedition voyage is our 'Off the Beaten Track' program - an expanded choice of off-ship activities, which we pioneered on our Antarctic voyages. Such activities include extended hiking opportunities ashore, snow shoeing, full day photography excursions with our resident professional photographer. For those signed up for sea-kayaking, we offer paddling excursions which may last all day. Our expedition ship is the renowned Akademik Ioffe, perfectly suited for this kind of remote exploration. Throughout our journey we enjoy a comprehensive series of informative presentations, which provide an excellent background to our expedition.



Departing August 2nd 2015. Prices starting at US $6,995 per person PLUS FREE AIR FROM OTTAWA (Value up to $1,000)


An exploration of the wildlife, culture and spectacular scenery in the Canadian Arctic and Greenland. From Iqaluit on the east coast of Baffin Island to the west coast of Greenland this 11-day adventure sails through a spectacular wilderness of glaciers, mountains, fjords and breathtaking icebergs.  Along the way, the Inuit settlements of both Canada and Greenland will open eyes to the rich and unique cultures that have survived in this harsh landscape for many hundreds of years.

A further highlight of our journey will be the shipboard photography symposium. In addition to our regular program of presentations on history, ornithology, geology and the natural world, this unique voyage will have a major focus on photography, with four professional photographers on staff and a professional water colourist.

In the words of our resident photographic leader Daisy Gilardini “Many times I tried to understand this irresistible attraction to the polar regions, which I would define almost as an addiction or obsession. These extreme adventures transport me out of my ordinary worldliness and lead me to discover the beauty and harmony of the remote corners of our planet. The isolation from the rest of the word, away from every day media and social network communications, inspires deep respect and awareness for the importance of these delicate wilderness areas.”

Daisy will be accompanied by a team of professional photographers all with their special area of expertise including wildlife, landscape, composition as well as the technical aspects of photography including gear and equipment and computer based file management, storage and processing. Our photographic goals on this departure will be formed and led by the light available both onshore and on the water. With a varied and diverse itinerary and flexible plans, we aim to make the most out of light, even if outside conventional shore landing times.




Louisbourg, Cape Breton to Louisbourg, Cape Breton


The islands of Canada’s Atlantic Provinces offer an abundance of birdlife and marine mammals, in addition to unique fishing and Celtic cultures. Beaches and lagoons provide ample viewing opportunities for numerous shorebirds and as we cruise towards the mouth of the St Lawrence River we hope to see baleen whales such as the humpback, minke and blue whale as well as grey and harp seals. In addition we will look for eagles along the beach and gannets fishing the waters. This is an area rich in wildlife and our onboard naturalists will be spotting and identifying the various creatures around us. Starting and ending in the historical town of Louisbourg on beautiful Cape Breton Island, this voyage offers a tremendous opportunity to explore this historic and beautiful region and we take every opportunity to discover the Maritimes in all their glory.

As we sail the waters of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, we will be accompanied by a Cape Breton fiddler and an East Coast musician with a focus on the musical culture of the small fishing communities. Really, no voyage in these waters could be accompanied by any less than this.      

Expedition Cruise Highlights

  • Puffins, gannets, razorbills, Kittiwakes and more
  • Whale watching by ship and zodiac
  • Fresh lobsters and folk music
  • Extended hiking on Anticosti Island and Gros Morne where the Earth's mantle reaches the surface
  • Miles of beaches and beautiful highlands
  • Visit National Parks of Louisbourg, Sable Island, and Gros Morne
  • Wander the French streets of St. Pierre, Francois, Perce, and Iles de la Madeleine
  • Preserve this stunning experience with our experts through our enhanced Photography program                                                  


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