Explore Columbia's History in the Archaeological ParksĀ 

Posted by North South Travel Blogger in Colombia

Why is it that thousands of travellers each year head to Colombia to visit the archaeological parks? It's simple - to really appreciate the richness of the culture in Colombia, you need to visiting one (or more) of the several archaeological parks spread across the land.

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Discover History at Copan Archaeological Park

Posted by North South Travel Blogger in Copan, Honduras

The Copan Archaeological Park can be found in the Western part of the Honduras. The amazing stone sculptures and ancient heiroglyphs make it a popular tourist attraction.

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Go to Chichen Itza to Uncover the Mayan Mysteries

Posted by North South Travel Blogger in Comalcalco, Mexico

Awarded the label of UNESCO World Heritage and named one of the new Seven Wonders of the World, Chichen Itza is the perfect spot to put your archaeological prowess to work.

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