Travelling Responsibly in a Pandemic

Posted by Ginger Blum · Jul 31 · in North Vancouver, British Columbia · about Before your trip

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Travelling responsibility- what does it mean?

We've helped keep the world going since this mess began and our advisors have some pandemic travel tips to share:

  1. Use a professional. COVID-19 is everywhere now. Border restrictions and entry requirements are changing continuously. If ever there was a time to over plan, it would be now. Plan everything. Book lodging, restaurant reservations, spa appointments and day trips in advance as best you can. The entire industry has been decimated and is trying to respond short staffed. This isn’t the time for a spontaneous trip.
  2. Entry Requirements - Know them and check them. Canada has extensive entry requirements, even for Canadian citizens. In most cases, returning to Canada is more difficult than entering a foreign country. Be sure to get your 72 hour test prior to returning to Canada and download and complete the ArriveCAN app once you have your negative test result. Do not wait to do this at the airport, complete everything you possibly can before arriving at the airport. Check in online, ensure you have an assigned seat and have your negative test results, proof of vaccination and ArriveCAN app receipt available when you check in. You will be expected to advise the Canadian government your isolation plans after your testing upon arrival.
  3. Protect yourself and others. Before, during and after your trip practice social-distancing measures and wear masks when social distancing isn’t possible. If you must quarantine or self isolate, have the details organized in advance. You must be fully vaccinated to depart from a Canadian airport.
  4. Know your testing regime and budget / plan for it. Antigen, PCR or RT-PCR..? What's the difference? Consider not only the country you're travelling to, but any countries you might transit through. Also, what is required when you come home? Are the tests requirements different if travelling by air than land or sea? Know before you go and ensure you have time to get the appropriate testing before you commence any leg of your journey.
  5. Pack like it's a pandemic. Bring extra masks, hand sanitizer, and wipes. Travel with patience and expect staff shortages. Arrive early. Be kind to overworked front line workers in the travel and hospitality industry.
  6. Always support local businesses. A key to sustainable travel is ensuring money gets into the hands of the community you are travelling through. Tip well.
  7. Purchase travel insurance. Travel insurance is different than it used to be. Know exactly what you are covered for as many policies have limited coverage during Government Travel Advisories and consider Covid a "known event". Don't assume if you cancel due to a border closing, a travel supplier going bankrupt or a flight being cancelled that you'll be covered.
  8. Respect the communities you visit. Watch for any local or regional updates before you book, before you depart, while you’re on the road and once you return home. Airline websites and tourism boards are great sources for up to date entry information on what is acceptable in destination. Do you need a local health pass or proof of vaccination like the Euro Green Pass or France's Pass Sanitaire? Keep in mind that you may be comfortable with travel, but some locals might not be.

At North South Travel, we understand that travelers are in such different places in terms of their ability, desire, and willingness to travel right now. For those who are getting out there, please do it responsibly and with the utmost care—not only for yourselves but also for others. And for those who are staying home, we want to keep your future travel dreams alive and will continue to host virtual Travel Dreaming events featuring different destinations and experiences to keep you inspired for the future.

Whenever you are ready, we will be here for you.

*North South Travel Advisor Ginger Blum is double vaxxed, wears a mask and fondly remembers easier days

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