Decade of Travel

Posted by Ashley Hillary · Jan 10 · about Awesome Travel Stuff

Travel Highlights – 2010 to 2020

The turn of a new decade offers the opportunity for reflection; to remember what we learned, how we’ve grown, and what we’ve experienced. Travel was a significant part of my life during these past years. Here are some of my top travel experiences:

Best thrilling adventure: Hiking to the top of Angel Falls, Venezuela

Escorted by only a guide, I hiked for 14 days roundtrip through unmarked and unfamiliar terrain to reach the top of the highest waterfall in the world. The trip started off bad…. Firstly, the pilot of the four-passenger Cessna plane fell asleep during my flight over to the starting point of the hike and lost control of the plane! Once the hike commenced, I found out quickly that making it to the end would not be any easy task. The hike was difficult and often scary – At one point I was chased by angry Africanized bees, and later slipped and nearly fell down a deep crevasse… However I eventually made it to the top. It was incredible!

Best wildlife viewing: Tracking orangutans at Danum Valley Rainforest Lodge, Borneo

For my first solo trip, I traveled to Borneo for three weeks for an incredible wildlife experience. Waking up before dawn, myself and my guide explored the local flora and fauna surrounding the jungle lodge. Not only was it thrilling to explore the picturesque lush landscape of Borneo before sunset, and was lucky enough to get some up-close encounters of orangutans, as well as other primates.

Best awe-worthy luxurious resort experience: Jade Mountain, Saint Lucia

Upon arrival at this stunning resort, I was infatuated and completely mesmerized by our open-air sanctuary suite. All suites at Jade Mountain include a gorgeous view of the Piton Mountains and most also include a private infinity pool. The rooms here just ooze romance with four-poster beds, fabulous room service options, and included butler service; there’s really no reason to leave your suite. Jade Mountain is still one of my favorite resorts for a romantic getaway.

Best pampering experience: Mini-mooning at Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit

If I could choose any all-inclusive hotel brand for a special luxurious getaway, I would definitely choose Grand Velas. After the wedding, we wanted to relax and spend some quality time together so we chose the Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit. We loved every moment of our stay at this beautiful property. We adored our Grand Class Suite and were pleasantly surprised with the high level of service, attention, and quality of food that this resort offered.

Best memorable trip: Our wedding trip at the Hyatt Ziva Puerto Vallarta

I couldn’t write a list of travel highlights for the past decade, without including our wedding trip. This was definitely my favorite trip of the past year and it will be a trip I’ll always remember. The Hyatt Ziva Puerto Vallarta was the perfect resort option, as it was an easy flight down for our west coast guests and I love the private beach, lush tropical mountains, and beautiful wedding venue options. It was a week full of excitement, fun, and celebration!

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