Welcome to the World of Belmond

Posted by Ginger Blum · Jun 14 · about Luxury

For that upcoming trip of a lifetime, allow yourself to be enraptured with the romance and luxury of Belmond.

The time is finally coming to bring together people and celebrated destinations. At North South Travel don't want you to miss the boat. Or train! We encourage you to start thinking beyond our border and take advantage of pandemic pricing.

You are invited to explore the world of Belmond and their fine collection of hotels, trains, river cruises and spectacular journeys on a pre-recorded information session hosted by North South Travel and Andrea Valente from Belmond. You can find the link to that recording here.

Belmond offers access to some of the worlds most astonishing rail experiences including:

  • Venice Simplon Orient Express
  • The Royal Scotsman
  • British Pullman
  • Eastern & Oriental Express
  • Hiram Bingham
  • Andean Explorer

As a preferred partner of North South Travel, we can offer additional amenities and added value on these bucket list experiences, to bring even more magic to your trip of a lifetime.

For additional inspiration, experience some of the exquisite collection of land and water experiences unique to Belmond, perfect for pre/post rail journeys or a destination unto themselves.

Contact us for more information today.

*Images courtesy of our friends at Belmond

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