A Decade of Travel

Posted by Lindsay Betts · Jan 07 · in Italy · about Awesome Travel Stuff

I have spent a lot of time in Italy in the past few years, I absolutely love it.

I'd have to say Tuscany is my favourite part - it's absolutely gorgeous there!

Rolling hills, beautiful scenery. Its like living in a dream! It is exactly as romantic as you imagine it to be. Really enjoyed the wineries littered about the area, and seeing castles on every hilltop. For some added romance, I recommend staying a castle hotel!

Malta is another favourite - Amazing hidden historical gem in the Mediterranean. Great climate, sunny and warm most of the year. Beautiful historical sites, great natural beaches and diversity of culture.

Lively, and not overly touristy, with great food and cocktails bars. Great shopping as well!

Malta is more than just a one day cruise ship stopover destination. Take some time to really explore this amazing island. I recommend staying in Valletta. With its limestone buildings, you will feel like you’re in a historical storybook, and it has easy access to everywhere on the island. Malta should definitely be on your travel list!

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