A Decade of Travel

Posted by Craig Sabasch · Jan 27 · about Awesome Travel Stuff

Reflecting on my past decade of travel - I would have to say visiting Jordan was one of the most amazing trips to experience in my lifetime!

I travelled to the Middle East a couple of years ago on a Virtuoso FAM trip.

I find that Jordan and the Middle East is an area many travellers are apprehensive about going to. However I found Jordan to be a very friendly and safe country with immense history dating back to biblical times...as it sits right next to Israel.

I went to the capital city Amman and then headed to the Dead Sea.

We continued to the beautiful desert of Wadi Rum

Of course a trip to Jordan isn't complete without visiting the UNESCO World Heritage site of Petra.

I also visited the ancient city of Jerash.

They are all fantastic areas to visit and are a must when you visit Jordan.

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