An overview of the History and Development of Golf at The British Golf Museum

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If there is a place that you can learn a lot about golf other than at the course itself, it is the British Golf Museum.

If there is a place that you can learn a lot about golf other than at the course itself, it is the British Golf Museum.

Located opposite the famous Royal and Ancient Golf Club in St Andrews, Scotland, the museum is a one-stop destination where you can access a comprehensive history of the game and how it has developed over the years. Its history scope includes both men and women's games, both British and international events, and both amateurs and professional golf players that have influenced the golfing scene over the years.

The museum was opened in 1990 with an aim of availing the history of golf to all those that would be interested in it. Amazingly, it exhibits historic golfing equipment, memorabilia and artwork, the rules and terminologies of the game, the history of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club among others.

The museum boasts more than 17,000 ancient golfing items such as James Braid Pocket Watch, Tom Morris' Open Championship Medal, Golf Ball Pattern-Making Press, Simplex Crosshead Wood, Bobby Jones Flicker Books, Joyce Weathered Grip and many more.

The Museum welcomes all kinds of visitors; from golf enthusiasts to school children and families for 7 days a week. To get into the museum, adults pay GBP 6.50, children under 15 GBP 5.00 and all the children under 5 years get in for free. For families with 2 adults and 3 children, the standard rate is GBP 15.50. If you want to visit the museum in groups, there are concessions that are given but you need to contact the museum administrator.

Golf is a game with a rich history. They say that if you want to know where you are headed, study your past. The documentaries and exhibits inside the British Golf Museum forms an interesting read for those that want to pursue a career in the game. Whether you are a worker in a golf club, a professional or amateur player, a coach or a commentator, you will find some rich content within the halls of this great museum. While at it, do not forget to watch the golf tournament at the Royal and Ancient Golf Club.

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