5 Delectable Dishes at Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo, Japan

Posted by Chiemi Irene Alonzo · Aug 17 · in Tsukiji, Japan · about Dining

If you are a foodie, a culinary expert, or simply one who wants to savor delectable and exquisite dishes not found anywhere else in the world, then you must visit the Tsukiji Fish Market located in Tokyo, Japan, famous as being one of the biggest wholesale seafood and fish markets in the world. 

Although one of the most popular activities in the market is the tuna auction and bidding for the freshest catch of the day which is something to watch, the Tsukiji Fish Market is also where your palate will derive extreme pleasure from tasting gastronomically delightful dishes found in its outer market or along Shin-ohashi Street, both of which are packed with stalls and restaurants that will keep you hungry all day long. 

To start your day, you must have some sushi breakfast which means you get to eat an assortment of sushi prepared from the fish in season. The sushi breakfast goes hand in hand with scrumptious “melts-in-your-mouth” sashimi of your choice. Salivate while watching scallops and oysters being grilled while munching on some satsuma-age, deep-fried minced vegetables and fish which are to die for! You will also have to leave some space in your stomach for yumcha, a dimsum-like small meat bun. The market is not all about eating seafood; cap your visit with bites of red bean-paste croissants, perfect with a cup of tea of coffee.

There is so much to enjoy at Tsukiji Fish Market that it has to be a must-visit when traveling to Tokyo. If you love Japanese food, this is where you will savor the best in the world!

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