5 Best Restaurants in Budapest That You Will Surely Love

Posted by Kimberley Reyes · Aug 29 · in Budapest, Hungary · about Dining

Are you a foodie traveler in search of your next destination? Why not head to Europe and try what Budapest has to offer. Many foodie travelers would agree that Budapest, Hungary's capital, is famous for its scrumptious traditional Hungarian food, which is by the way one of the richest in Europe. Pair that with Gipsy musicians playing live in the background and you'll sure have a dining experience like no other.

Although people usually connect Hungarian food to goulash (Gulyás) and dishes sprinkled generously with paprika, Hungarian cuisine is actually more than that. Hungarian food has an unmistakable character with most of them rich with sour cream, onions, eggs, butter, fresh produce, and wine. Here are some of the restaurants in Budapest where you can taste Hungarian's finest dishes:

  1. Zeller Bistro Restaurant, located in District VII, serves delicious Hungarian dishes in Budapest. They are also known for their exemplary service.
  2. Located in the most bustling part of the neighborhood is Frappáns. They serve copious Hungarian dishes in a pleasant atmosphere. The restaurant also has a grand cellar and bar as well as a fancy restaurant for business meetings and larger rooms for cultural programs.
  3. Serving since 1780, Restaurant Margitkert treats diners to exceptional Hungarian cuisine paired with fine wine with a picturesque background that is Rózsadomb.
  4. Craving for steak? Prime Steak & Wine is Budapest's best and most enjoyable restaurant for steak and wine lunches and dinners. They offer a wide selection of entries, 200 different wines, and an extensive list of cocktails.
  5. Anchored on the Danube for twenty years now, The Vogue Boat Restaurant offers diners an exclusive environment as they feast on traditional Hungarian, Mediterranean, and South-Slavic meals.

Is your mouth starting to water yet? We're sure you'd love to try these incredibly delicious food! Book your holiday in Budapest today.

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