Planet Oasis – Tunisia's Sun and Stars

Posted by North South Travel Blogger · Aug 07 · in Tawzar, Tunisia · about Outdoor Activities

Family fun and learning happen at Planet Oasis in Tunisia.

Planet Oasis is a French destination management company specializing in arranging events and conferences in Tozeur. They have an events centre located on seven hectares of land in the heart of the date grove; a unique site with thematic décor, unrivalled cuisine, and a programme of events to choose from that will amaze you--all the conditions to make corporate events or family escapades a success. Their program itinerary includes various adventurous activities, and the concept behind them all is to provide the perfectly rounded experience for you and your guests.

A unique itinerary event they host is their “Sky Dinners” --an astronomical show that takes place as part of a gala dinner under the starlit sky, right in the middle of the Tozeur Date Grove. Telescopes are connected to cameras and video projection systems to provide a live show on two giant screens. You will see the visible planets of the solar system, as well as galaxies and star clusters, all orchestrated by A. Cassese, director of the Toulon-Rocbaron Observatory. This astronomical show is presented following each course of an elegant dinner. At dinner’s end, each participant may observe various celestial bodies using the telescopes pointed towards different destinations, with explanations offered by their event hosts.  During the winter, Planet Oasis holds “Sky Dinners” from its heated conference space, specially set up for the occasion.

You can enjoy paintball in the palm grove, where the palm trees all become natural obstacles, encouraging team-building and family/colleague bonding through Paintball. They also have a land circuit dedicated to motorsports –buggies, quads, all-terrain vehicles etc. This secure land circuit was specially traced in an ancient palm grove. Here you can take pleasure sliding in buggies or quads in dreamlike surroundings.