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Welcome to western Canada’s largest independent travel agency. Serving the westside of Vancouver, Kitsilano and beyond since 1981. Specializing in corporate, luxury and custom vacations, adventure, cruises, destination weddings and honeymoons, North South Travel has been taking the hassle and worry out of booking your business or holiday travel plans. Why waste your valuable time trying to book online? At North South Travel our highly experienced agents are dedicated to getting you the best value for your travel budget. They’re the experts... so give North South a call and leave the planning to the professionals...

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Where to Eat and Play in Cape Town Amazingly, the waters surrounding Cape town has 40% of the world's sharks and thus the city attracts a lot of shark cage divers who get their kicks from being close to danger.
Cape Town, South Africa
A Magical Experience; the Bagan Temples in Myanmar The Bagan archaeological region is the best alternative to Angko Wat in Cambodia…perhaps it is even a better destination. Good luck.
Video: So what does it look like? The view from the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro That the surrounding area teems with the amazing African wildlife is a major plus. Carry your binoculars and get a vantage point to see the magical jungles of Africa from Kibo, Mawenzi and Shira volcanic cones at the summit of the mountain.
Sand Duning in Huacachina, Peru! Did you know that Peru has some of the world's largest Sand Dunes. Located in the Ica district, Huacachina is a great place to have the thrill of a lifetime as you race around in sand dune buggys or chill out and watch the stunning sunset...
kemi peru 2.jpg kemi peru 1.jpg
by Kemi Wells - Peru
The Classic Inca Trail Package Journey along a section of one of the best built and oldest road systems in the world that crisscrosses the Urubamba Valley and that united the entire South American continent. The trek includes typical Andean settings, incredible archeological vestiges, a variety of microclimates and corresponding biodiversity, and the experience of camping in ancient places. Contact our Adventure Specialists Anne or Jane today to discuss your options! Call 604.736.7447 or email anne@northsouthtravel.com or jane@northsouthtravel.com by Kemi Wells - Peru
Yup. Australia is a Culinary paradise. (What??) You would be forgiven if you are a foodie and you find Australia the only destination worth spending your money on. Yeah…the country is a foodie paradise.
Avoid these things when visiting New Delhi Driving on the Indian roads, unless you are a native, is a nightmare. Avoid driving.
Delhi, Rajpura, New Delhi, Delhi, India
The weirdest little churches in France For a country as old as France, you will find little weird churches tucked away from the public limelight. Peeked your interest? Read the list below. Maybe your trip to France will be out-of-the-ordinary this time round.
France, France
Exploring the Inca Trail, in style Follow in the footsteps of the Incas as you trek the Inca Trail to the Sanctuary of Machu Picchu, enjoying along the way special details that will increase your enjoyment and comfort of the trip and making this the closest thing possible to experiencing upscale hotel service without putting aside your spirit of adventure. Contact our Adventure Specialists Anne or Jane today to discuss your options! Call 604.736.7447 or email anne@northsouthtravel.com or jane@northsouthtravel.com
peru collage.jpg
by Kemi Wells - Peru
Discover Mongolia The Mongol warriors invented such war tactics as human shields, guerrilla warfare, hostage taking and mercilessness to those cities that did not submit to their rule. This made them a very effective fighting force.
Video: It's not all about the River Seine - Check out the canals of Paris The beautiful sights, waterfront cafes, postcard perfect neighborhoods and knowledgeable tour guides makes you want to visit the Parisian canals over and over again.
Paris, France
Awesome German Castles Germany is an old country with a long list of noble families. These families used to dwell in the castles first as a protective measure and secondly as a class issue. Therein, the families accumulated a lot of wealth, artifacts, art and magnificent architectural styles
Top 5 hotels to stay at in Belfast At US$237 per night, the Merchant Hotel is the best place to stay during your visit of Belfast. It is located at the edge of the City's Cathedral Quarter.
Belfast, Uk
Video: For the love of chocolate - Fassbender and Rausch in Berlin Satisfy your cravings, carry some chocolate for evening and the day after. Beware...you might get addicted to chocolate!
Berlin, Germany
Essentials for hikers, hiking the Grand Canyon Never attempt a hike, especially in the Grand Canyon, without having prepared well for the task ahead. You would want to come back with happy memories, won't you? If you think I am scaremongering, you just need to look at the list of fatalities in this great rift.
Arizona, Usa