FREE Single Room on 22 Popular Trips with Explore | from $840.00 USD

Posted by Kemi Wells

FREE Single Room on 22 Popular Trips with Explore | from $840.00 USD

Posted by Kemi Wells

We have worked with Explore Worldwide for many years and love the variety of trips they offer! Their small group trips are perfect for single travellers, looking for the security of group travel, with the added bonus of meeting new like-minded friends on an adventure. Around 40% of those who join their group trips are travelling solo. It can be daunting to travel on your own, especially in countries where English isn’t widely spoken and the culture is very different from home. As a solo traveller with Explore you can expect to be in good company, with around half the group travelling solo, while the other half are travelling as couples or friends.

Whether you love active holidays and want to go walking, hiking or cycling, or if you prefer to get beyond the tourist façade of the countries you visit and enjoy a cultural holiday - Explore has over 30 years of developing diverse and exciting itineraries and we can help you find the perfect trip!

By their very nature these type of trips attract people who love travel - seeing new places, enjoying new experiences and meeting new people. Whatever your age and however experienced or inexperienced a traveller you are, you will be more than welcome as a solo traveller on one of our small group trips. You may join alone, but by the end you’ll feel as though you’re travelling with a group of friends.

Travelling solo just got better; when you book directly with us we can offer a single room upgrade totally free for a limited time only. Get your own private room completely free if you book by 29th July 2016- this can save you up to CA$1300!

PLUS if you have never travelled with Explore before - if you book before July 15 - you can save an additional up to CA$400!

Here are a list of the itineraries included in the Solo offer - all prices in CANADIAN DOLLARS:

* On Foot In Northern Cyprus - 8 Days - From $840

* Highlights of Serbia - 8 Days - From $1,150

* Highlights of Poland - 8 Days - From $1,170

* Remote Coastal Trails of Portugal - 8 Days - From $1,250

* Pedalling In Poland - 8 Days - From $1,250

* Imperial Cities and Desert - Morocco - 15 Days - From $1,260

* Trails of Hidden Tuscany, Italy - 8 Days - From $1,380

* Cycle the Dalmatian Coast, Croatia - 8 days - From 1,470

* Highlights of Iran - 9 Days - From 1,980

* Greek Island Wanderer - 15 Days - From $2,090

* Peloponnese Explorer, Greece - 13 Days - From $2,090

* Exotic Java & Bali, Indonesia - 14 Days - From $2,090

* Discover Nepal - 15 Days - From $2,300

* Highlights of Vietnam and Cambodia - 15 Days - From $2,400

* Journey Through The Balkans, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina - 12 Days - From 2,430

* Bangkok to Saigon by Bike, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam - 14 Days - From $2,720

* Mekong Delta and Angkor; Vietnam, Cambodia - 14 Days - From $2,850

* Burma Highlights - 14 Days - From $3,140

* Highlights of Japan- 8 Days - From $3,550

* Cycle Burma - 14 Days - From $3,770

Departure dates vary so contact us for detailed information on any of the above tours! Flights are not included with the itineraries but we can help you find the best value fare for your trip!

Contact our Adventure Specialists today for more information! Contact us via our website by clicking the button above or call us on 604.736.7447

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