Zaruma: Ecuador's Jewel

Posted by North South Travel Blogger · Jun 27 · in Zaruma, Ecuador · about Sightseeing

The town of Zaruma may be small, but its beauty and legacy are grand.


You can find Zaruma on the top of the western Andes mountains, which has been nestled in its perch in the centre of El Oro since it was founded in 1595 for the Spanish King Philip II. Within the limits of the town is a remarkable harmony of old-world charm and stunning landscapes.

The purpose for Zaruma was once focused on the gold mines, but in the centuries that have passed, the town grew beyond those limits and is now a prime tourist destination with all the comforts needed such as accommodations and restaurants.


The story of Zaruma can be discovered in the town museum, which not only displays information of the town's history, but artifacts from the pre-Inca era.

Of course, you don't have to go far to hear about Zaruma's culture – the friendly townsfolk are always willing to share.


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