The Historical Plaka Neighborhood in Athens, Greece

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Welcome to the old and historical Plaka neighborhood in Athens. And it’s true, there is no better place to sample the authentic Greek culture than in this neighborhood and hence the popular saying that states that 'You didn't visit Athens if you missed the Plaka'.

The neighborhood is located on the northern and eastern slopes of the Athens Acropolis and is defined by neoclassical architecture and labyrinth streets. Due to its closeness to the Acropolis and numerous archaeological sites, it has been inadvertently referred to as the 'neighborhood of gods'.

It was not until well after the end of the Greek War of Independence that the neighborhood started being referred to as 'Plaka'. Formerly, it had been called 'Alikokou', 'Kontito', and 'Kandili'. It is theorized that the name was adopted from the phrase 'Pliak Athena' which is loosely translated as 'Old Athens'. Some say that it was named after a plaque that was located at its central intersection.

The neighborhood is heavily endowed with points of interest including;

  • Jewish Museum of Greece
  • Museum of Greek Folk Art
  • Old Public Baths building
  • Frissiras Museum
  • Museum of Popular Music Instruments
  • Museum of Pavlos and Alexandra Kanellopoulou
  • Athens University Museum

It has also been the setting for several popular Greek Movies including; The Drunkard, Woe to the Young, and The Wife Shall Revere Her Husband.

If you love sightseeing, you are free to join hundreds of tourists as they explore and shop in this ancient Athenian neighborhood. Utilities such as electricity, telephone, internet, sewage, cable television are all accommodated in custom made tunnels making it one of the safest neighborhoods in the world.

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