Why Benaki Museum is a Must See in Athens

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The Benaki Museum is a creation of Antonis Benakis. It was constructed in honor of Emmanuel Benakis and is located in the Benakis family mansion in downtown Athens.

If you follow the art circles, you would know that the museum houses Greek art from the prehistoric times to the modern times. It is also a popular modern events venue. Initially, the museum hosted art works from the Islamic world, Chinese porcelain, and toy exhibitions. After it reopened in 2000, it concentrated on exhibiting Greek art while its satellite museums showcased other genres of art, each with a specific theme.

The spread of the Greek Empire influence all over the world led to collection of valuables from all over the world including far flung corners of the then India, Persia, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Arabia, Middle East, Asia Minor, North Africa, Sicily and Spain. These valuables are artistically showcased in satellite Museums such as the Benaki Islamic Art Museum to epitomize the spread of the Greek culture to the rest of the world.

The Benaki Museum also hosts events, exhibitions and tours inside the museum. If you love art, or you want to sample some Athenian culture, you just have to look at one place - The Benaki Museum.

There are very few places in Greece that can capture the evolution of the Greek culture over the centuries better than the Benaki Museum and you'll be happy you chose this destination.

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