Who Needs Travel Insurance?

Posted by North South Travel Blogger · Nov 15 · in United States · about Transportation

Are you going on a trip? Do you have travel insurance?

Anyone who travels should have travel insurance. However, a recent survey by RBC Insurance®/Ipsos Reid found that only 42 per cent of Canadians always purchase travel insurance for leisure trips to the United States.

Many Canadians assume that their government health insurance plan, employee plan or credit card provides all the coverage they need in case of an emergency.

The fact is government health insurance plans provide only limited coverage for medical treatment and hospital costs outside of Canada. Employee benefits plans may not provide out-of-country medical coverage, may not cover a spouse or dependents and often have limits on the number of travel days covered and amounts payable.

Still unsure about the value of travel insurance? Consider these questions:

  • How much money would you lose if you had to cancel or interrupt your trip?
  • How much would you have to pay for a one-way, last minute ticket home?
  • If you became ill or injured, how would your emergency medical expenses be covered?  Would you have to pay these costs up front?
  • Would your hotel and meal expenses be paid if you had to stay at your destination longer than expected?
  • Who would you call if you were faced with a medical emergency in a foreign country?

Contact the travel specialists at North South Travel for any assistance with your insurance needs. Or click on the link below to purchase cover through Manulife, our preferred insurance supplier.


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