When in Algeria You Must See Algiers!

Posted by North South Travel Blogger · Jul 18 · in Algiers, Algeria · about Sightseeing

The beautiful city of Algiers is one of Algeria's top tourist destinations - and for good reason. Algiers is one of those places that lack the proper words to fully describe its allure.

The “Soul of Algeria” – Algiers and Algeria go hand-in-hand ... you simply cannot see one without seeing the other. This is not a geographical issue but, rather, a recommendation. As the largest city in Algeria, Algiers is already the top city for tourists in its country – more than 3 million people live there.


The sites of Algiers are stunning. With the Mediterranean Sea on one side, and the crown of the stone-white Casbah on the hills, photo opportunities are never difficult to find. Within its impressive walls, history has afforded the city the acknowledgement of setting the scene for many films and literary works.


Life in the city is bustling, and it's easy to find the conveniences of luxury accommodations, restaurants serving local cuisine, and cultural sites. Algiers is one of those mysterious places that you can return to, year after year, and never see everything the glorious city has to offer.


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