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Here’s our list of the top 5 ways to enjoy Boston.

Boston is the capital of the US state Massachusetts, and is literally the heart and soul of the New England region. The city is quite famous, with numerous references in literature and film, and also played an important role in America’s history. Boston is also world-renowned for its vibrant spirit and enthusiasm for sports and food among other things. Here’s our list of the top 5 ways to enjoy this beloved city:


1. Sports

Hardly anywhere else in the world will you get the spectator sport experience that you can get in Boston. The city boasts several professional sports teams including: The Boston Red Sox (baseball), the Boston Celtics (basketball), The New England Patriots (American football) & the Boston Bruins (hockey). Whatever your passion is, head to the respective stadium/court/rink. You can cheer on Boston’s world-class teams as they charge to victory; something each team has done in their respective championships on numerous occasions, even said to be the most in the country.


2. Food

The city’s food has made quite a name for itself. Be sure to savour the local cuisine while here, as what’s a visit to Boston without sampling the clam chowder, lobster rolls and Boston cream pie? You can choose from contemporary cuisine to traditional New England fare to international dishes. There are restaurants for all pocket book sizes from lesser expensive foodie delights to gourmet restaurants with top local and international chefs. Be sure to also check out the local wines and beers while here. if you would like a structured introduction to Boston’s culinary classics and delights, there are tours, chef demonstrations and cooking classes available.


3. Water Activities

There are numerous activities available for you to try in Boston. You can cruise the waterfront on a boat excursion or do one in the ocean. You can take to the seas for game fishing or go kayaking close to the shore; you can go sailing or even whale-watching (with a 99% chance of sightings); the choice is yours!


4. Snow Activities

During ski season, head to the Wachusett Mountain Ski Area, Loon Mountain or the Weston Ski Track. You will enjoy premium facilities for skiing and snowboarding during the winter months.


5. Golf

If you wish to head out on the green, check out Stow Acres Country Club or Pinehills Golf Club for award-winning championship courses. There are also other clubs to check out in Boston if you want something closer etc.


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