Watch the Biggest Game of the Spanish Football League Season in Barcelona

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The “El Clásico” is the most anticipated football game of Spain’s top-level club football league. Watch Spain’s - and the world’s - two best teams go head to head, live at the Camp Nou in Barcelona, Spain.

Real Madrid and FC Barcelona are two of the best football (soccer) teams in Spain, and possibly the world. They are presently rated among the top football teams internationally, and are the two most successful and wealthy clubs as well. They both compete during the Spanish league season, as well as in a few local, regional and international competitions. One of the largest of these is the Champion’s League, which is the largest league/club football competition in the world. Whenever the two teams meet, it is a big spectacle, and always draws huge crowds, and their matches have even earned a nickname, “El Clásico” (The Classic).

Real Madrid represents the city of Madrid in Spain, while FC Barcelona represents the city of Barcelona. These are two of the biggest and most popular cities in the country, and the rivalry between the teams is fierce. The fans come out in their numbers, and support their respective teams, some in full team regalia, costumes and even painted faces. This is by no means a small event, and millions will also be tuned in across the world; Madrid, Barcelona and fans of other teams alike will want to see this, and you can see it live during your trip to Spain.

On Saturday, October 26th, 2013 at 6:00pm, the two rivals will kick-off in the Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona, Spain. Come out and watch Real Madrid’s Christiano Ronaldo take on FC Barcelona’s Lionel Messi; two of the top players in league football presently! This is an event packed with excitement for the sports enthusiast, and should not be missed. Tickets are available online, and it is recommended you book ahead of time to ensure you get a seat to see this showdown of champions. Seat prices range from 375 € - 1563 €, and feature different views and amenities. Book any seat, just don’t miss the classic “El Clásico” match during your trip.


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