Top Ten Food Trucks to check out in Washington DC

Posted by North South Travel Blogger · Sep 23 · in Washington D.C., Washington, D.C. · about Dining

Washington is a food truck hot bed. Check out the top mobile food hot spots below. 

1. Chapat Truck - Order Indian food such as chaat, dosas and rice crepes.

2. Far East Taco Grille - Sample flavorful meat, tofu, and tortillas.

3. Mike Isabella's Pope Mobile - Sample Chef Mike Isabella's dishes at discounted rates.

4. Curbside Cupcakes - This is your chance to taste a different flavor of cupcakes for the next 15 days.

5. DCPieTruck food truck - Order pecans, coconut chess, and chocolate cream.

6. Fojol Brothers food truck - From vegetarian palate such as palak paneer and cauliflower and potatoes to Curry and butter chicken; this truck guarantees you the best meal yet.

7. Red Hook Lobster food truck - Order Connecticut-style rolls with lobster meat toppings or shrimp rolls or whoopie pies.

8. Phonation - Expect bits such as massive baguettes, barbecue pork or chicken, crunch veggies and buttery mayo.

9. Sundevish Truck - dishes such as spicy pineapple slaw, classic cubano, and jerk chicken will be on the menu in this truck.

10. That Cheesecake Truck - On menu include cheesecake flavors such as lemon drop and raspberry.

Did not think Washington had so many food trucks? Well, it is because you have not been looking. There is a food truck at almost every street corner, apart from of course, near the White House.

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