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Suzhou is a cultural and historic city in east China, famed world-wide for its beautiful and spectacular gardens.

The gardens are of classical Chinese design, and seek to recreate natural landscapes in miniature. They are seen as masterpieces, due to their simple, elegant designs which maximize the feng shui of the area they are affiliated with. Their meticulous designs reflect the profound metaphysical importance of nature and natural beauty in Chinese culture.

The earliest gardens in Suzhou, date as far back as the city’s foundation in the 6th century BC. Later, during the Ming and Qing Dynasties, and in particular the 16th to 18th centuries, the city experienced amazing prosperity which resulted in the creation of over 200 gardens within its walls. Today, they are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The gardens are mostly comprised of two parts – a residential section and a garden. Ten of these are remarkably preserved and still in a good state. These include the Lingering Garden (Lui Garden), the Humble Administrator’s Garden (Zhuozhen Garden), the Garden of the Master of the Nets (Wangshi Garden) and the Villa with Embracing Beauty (Huanxiu Mountain Villa).

The most visited garden in Suzhou is the Humble Administrator’s Garden, and you are sure to get a good feel for the rest when you see this one. The Lion Grove Garden, which is also remarkably preserved, is not far away, and you can easily pay a visit here if you like.

Come and check out these amazing gardens, preserved throughout time, and still in relatively the same condition as they were originally. Their meticulous designs and concepts behind them offer more than beautiful sights; they give you interesting theories to think about, such as the use and effectiveness of feng shui and the importance of natural beauty.

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