Visit the National Pantheon of the Heroes in Paraguay

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Each nation and city has its own symbol of determination and hope. Paraguay has the National Pantheon of the Heroes, which is well worth a visit.


In Asunción Paraguay, you can see a symbol of heroism that marks the final resting place of Paraguay’s greatest heroes including presidents, war heroes, and other people who have been recognized for their selfless acts.

The National Pantheon of the Heroes stands as a landmark in the downtown section of Paraguay and is a popular site for tourists. The history of the monument is legendary. Construction began on the Pantheon in 1863, but was abandoned when the War of the Triple Alliance started. For more than 70 years, the unfinished structure sat, until it was completed after the Chaco War of 1936, and given its name.


When you enter the Pantheon, you can see many plaques that show appreciation for the sacrifices made, among many other honorary inscriptions.

True to its purpose and an important place for the people of Paraguay, each day brings ceremonial changing of the guard, and each historical event is celebrated on the steps of the Pantheon.


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