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Nature has a beauty all its own, and there is no lack of it in the amazing Finnish Archipelagos. Experience it all for yourself!


Finland's most defining feature is the staggering number if islands that make up the four archipelagos of Helsinki, Kvarken, Kotka, and the Archipelago Sea. The count is estimated to be more than a staggering 179 thousand.


Helsinki Archipelago

Helsinki is the capital of Finland. With the sea covering three sides of the land, the area boasts over 300 islands within its borders. If you wish to visit the islands, many of them have been made accessible by way of ferry or by renting a boat. Helsinki's most popular island is Suomenlinna, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site.


Kvarken Archipelago

The Kvarken Archipelago is the prime example of nature in motion. This land mass is literally growing! As it continues to rise out of the sea, new islands emerge, the land surface increases, and bodies of water are reduced to ponds and small lakes. The current island count is at about 5,600. This is a great place to study birds and fish, as the shallow marshes create a habitat akin to their liking. As a popular tourist attraction, many services have been put into place such as personal guides, a watchtower, and even cabins and camping areas.


The Kotka Archipelago

Of the 400 islands that make up the Kotka Archipelago, the most popular is Kaunissaari, which is about an hour's trip to reach. With a fishing village and all the comforts of a simple life, it's no wonder so many tourists seek refuge from their hectic lives on this island. You can spend an afternoon fishing, sit back and enjoy conversing with the village people in the restaurant, or shop some of the local market stores.


The Archipelago Sea

The sea, which sits between the Gulf of Finland and the Gulf of Bothnia, is the largest in the world. You can navigate the land by ways of roads and waterways and take in beauty of the land and sea. There are also many breathtaking medieval-style churches and the Louhisaari Manor. You can also take the time to enjoy nature in the Southwestern Archipelago National Park ... but don't forget about the local fauna and the many species of rare and endangered birds that call this place "home".


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