Visit the Archaeological Sites of Tunisia

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It's no secret that Tunisia has a rich history and the archaeological sites to prove it. Here are some sites you may not be aware of, but are worth a visit.

Amphitheatre of El Djem

This amphitheatre was used for the common purpose of its time - chariot races, gladiator battles, etc., and is third in size only to the amphitheatres of Capua the the Flavian. In its day, it had the capacity to seat 35,000 spectators. The ruins we can see today are the result of cannon fire during the Turkish invasion and stones being removed to be used elsewhere.


The town of Carthage, as a site of national monument may lay in ruins, but the structures can still be clearly identified. The remains are the architecture of the Roman and Punic empires and include things such as temples, baths, and even the naval port.


Popularized as the setting of the home of Luke Skywalker in Star Wars IV: A New Hope, this small town in Southern Tunisia has many of its dwellings actually built under the ground. They weren't discovered until 1967. The caves served as security for the small town and many of the homes are still used today.

Medina of Tunis

This Medina (or,  "old town") was once characterized as a walled city of oval design. Come the 19th century the walls, damaged by the French, were taken down to allow growth. While the city is developing, the historical sites throughout the city remain intact, including the old gate that is the only part left of the city wall.


This oasis is known for its dense population of palm trees and the exportation of dates. The architectural design contains geometrical shapes and elegant patterns that are unique to the area. The surrounding desert has been the site for shooting films like Star Wars I: The Phantom Menace and Raiders of the Lost Ark, but the beauty is obvious in the structures of the city.

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