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The Agave Landscape and the Ancient Industrial Facilities of Tequila are nestled between the Tequila Volcano and the Deep Valley formed by the Rio Grande River. The 34,658 hectares site sits at the foothills of the Tequila Volcano. It is part of the expansive landscape that is the blue agave that has been shaped by the plants planted here (agave culture) since the 16th century to produce the ever popular tequila spirit. For at least 2,000 years, the region has been associated with the production of fermented drinks and clothes.

In the landscape, you will find distilleries that have been producing the spirit for a long time, a direct reflection in the uptake of tequila in the 19th and 20th centuries. Today, Agave culture is seen as part of national identity in Mexico

The UNESCO listed property comprises of living quarters of the workers that worked in the blue agave fields as well as the urban settlements of Amatitan, Tequila and Arenal that boasts large distilleries used to ferment and distill the agave pineapple. The property also testifies the existence of the Teuchitlan cultures that established the Tequila settlements in 200 to 900 AD.

The area is also notable for its housing, ceremonial mounds, ball courts, and terraces for agriculture.

The Agave Region in the Valles Region of Jalisco State has become synonymous with popular Mexican culture of tequila sipping as people listen to some form of Mexican music. The territory is not only renowned for its tequila spirits, but also for the rich culture that have arisen from the area. Ask any Mexican what the most recognized brand from the country is and he will tell you that nothing beats the good old ‘tequila’ drank with friends.

If you are looking for an interesting holiday, you are well advised to try the Agave Region. Here, you will not only drink tequila, but also get to experience the rich Mexican culture. You will also get tours into the agave fields. In short, this is an all-round tour destination.

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