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Visit the Holy City Jerusalem. There’s so much to be said about this destination, it’s probably best if you just read on…


Jerusalem from the very beginning has been a very unique city, and its history has seen wars, peace, intense love and the same degree of hatred. In 1004 BCE King David conquered the Jebusites who were in possession of the land, and took it for his kingdom and Holy City. His son Solomon built the Temple of God on the Temple Mount, where the Dome of the Rock now stands, and this was the richest state in that time. This is also where Jesus (the Son of God) was born, lived his life and died; the very man so central to the Christian faith, and therefore it can be said this is where Christianity was born. Many nations, kingdoms and religious groups have tried to capture this city, some succeeding, some failing terribly; all for one reason; to acquire this Holy City with its mystical aura.


Old City

At the heart of Jerusalem is the Old City, which has a large array of historical and significant religious sites. The Old City is surrounded by a wall and is divided into four quarters—Jewish, Christian, Armenian and Muslim. Here you will find the Western Wall, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount. Here, you will also find the Western wall Tunnels, the Davidson Centre, the Jewish Quarter, the City of David and Via Dolorosa, the “Way of Sorrows”, Jesus’ final path, where he walked to be crucified. East of the Old City, you can visit the Mount of Olives and Mary’s Tomb according to Christian tradition.


New City

In the late 19th century, construction of the new city began, and a new Jerusalem was born. Some of the neighbourhoods have retained their original charm, while some boast modern architecture. Here, you will find the German colony, the Bukharian Quarter and the Ethiopian Quarter among other interesting neighbourhoods. There are many interesting and unique sites to check out here as well, such as Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial Museum, the Israel Museum, the Biblical Zoo, monasteries and Makhane Yehuda market, with its huge variety of sounds, colours, flavours and aromas.

There are also numerous other museums including art museums where you can check out artifacts, history, art and culture from the region. What’s unique about Jerusalem is the fact that you will find a mixture of cultures with a meshed history of war and peace, love and hatred. The time Elevator is place to carry the entire family. It is an interactive, three-dimensional presentation on the history of Jerusalem, and provides a fun learning experience for visitors.



One thing you must check out while here however, is the culinary culture. Since this is a place of mixed cultures, each maintaining its own strong heritage and traditions, you will find a variety of cuisines to sample from various ethnic groups including Armenian, Bohemian, German and Israeli. There are numerous gourmet restaurants, fast food stands, coffee shops and a variety of dining establishments and opportunities for you to try new foods.

The city is also bustling with active nightlife for persons looking to have a fun time after dark. The main nightlife regions are: the German Colony, the Ben Yehuda pedestrian mall, Nakhalat Shiv’a, Shlomtsiyon HaMalka Street and the Russian Compound. You will find everything you’re looking for to enjoy a rich cultural experience while having fun and partying when you feel like.

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