Victoria Strait Expedition with One Ocean Voyager

Posted by North South Travel Blogger · Jul 29 · in Arctic, New York · about River or Ocean Cruises

26 August 2014 – 09 September 2014 15-days from $12,000USD

We invite you to join us, in search for Sir John Franklin’s fabled ships, HMS Erebus and HMS Terror onboard One Ocean Voyager. The One Ocean Voyager, specifically designed for Polar research provides the ultimate platform for such an incredible undertaking. Travelling alongside our team of world-renowned scientists, historians, and researchers you will be part of a journey that could change Arctic history and the Canadian story of exploration as we know it. The story of Sir John Franklin is rich in exploration history, yet has been shrouded in mystery since 1845. Be a part of Canadian history in the making.

This is a special once in a lifetime trip in search of Franklin’s Lost Expedition and a chance to be part of polar exploration history

For more information on the Victoria Strait Expedition or other One Ocean Voyager tours, please contact one of the Adventure Travel Specialists at North South Travel today

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