Jeff LaForge

Jeff LaForge

Luxury Travel Advisor

Jeff is a well-traveled thirty-something who’s been blessed to have travelled in luxury to many unique corners of the world and lived on three continents to date. With his personal experience in luxury travel Jeff is hoping to be a problem-solver on your behalf.

“I believe I understand the challenge that you are facing…how does this sound?

You have a certain amount of time and money to spend. But the massive budget of every hotel, cruise line, and tour operator is focused on persuading you that they are the best option - and it’s exhausting to wade through the hyperbole. You want to have the best experience possible, but you’ve realized that sorting the truth from the advertising is not something that you enjoy.

Am I close? You’re not alone. This decision-fatigue is a common problem and it’s why most of my clients initially come to me.”

When you reach out to Jeff, rest assured that you have found someone who is going to take the time to understand what you want and pair you with the experience that best suits your vision.

“Even before my time in the travel industry, I ran a real estate business where I learned the importance of a genuine conversation. Building relationships has always come naturally to me. In many cases, my clients have become friends and my friends have become clients.

One reason that I really enjoy selling travel is that I get to hear the excitement in a client’s voice when they tell me about their last trip. It’s just a fun topic to discuss, you know?”

Jeff believes that the role of a travel agent has changed drastically. No longer the gate-keepers of information, the role has become much more like that of a guide or advisor.

“Of all the travel opportunities out there, which ones are the right fit for you? And how can I add value to your trip above and beyond what you would experience without having me on your side?”

To start a conversation and learn more about the ways Jeff can make your next trip extra memorable, reach out to him anytime.

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