Tunisia's Family Beach: Kerkennah Islands

Posted by North South Travel Blogger · Jul 12 · in Kerkennah Islands, Tunisia · about Rest & Relaxation

Finding a beach getaway that suits families with small children is getting more difficult - fortunately, the Kerkennah Islands remain a child-friendly destination.

On the East Coast of Tunisia sits the Kerkennah Islands, which are popularized by travelling families. The beach areas have a gentle slope, making the waters remain shallow a great distance out. For this reason, the Kerkennah Islands are known as a great getaway option for families with young children.

The Kerkennah Islands are also a prime destination for peace and quiet. With only one resort in the area, the beaches aren't overly crowded, and there isn't the hustle and bustle you would encounter in the city. The prime purpose for visiting the Kerkennah Islands is for rest and relaxation.

Fortunately, there are a couple of choices for dining in the main town of Remla, which is home to a modest 2000 people. The beauty and simplicity of the Kerkennah Islands is due to the local resistance for modernizing the area ... dirt roads are prevalent, and the local flora is protected.

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