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Vatican City in Rome, Italy is holy place where the head of the church (the Pope) resides, and has a long history that helped to shape the world even before it became a sovereign state. A tour of this place is highly recommended on your trip to Rome!

Rome is an amazing destination steeped in rich history and culture. Here, you have a choice of numerous venues, attractions, sites, excursions and things to do. However, ensure you have a tour of Vatican City high on your list, as this sovereign state within a state is a very interesting see indeed.

The Vatican is the smallest state in the world, located in Rome, Italy. It was built over the tomb of St. Peter and is the papal residence; guarded by the Swiss Guard. Inside, there are 11 Vatican Museums where you can find the restored Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel. There are also beautiful gardens, vineyards and orchards dating back to medieval times. You will find that they have a highly secure and independent system with its own television station, radio station, newspaper, offices, shops, publishing house and post office with Vatican stamps.

Take a “Skip the Line Walking Tour” of Vatican City and see this sovereign state like a VIP. Tours are reasonably priced with some well under US $100, and deliver you access to some interesting sees, information and places shrouded in secrecy. This is truly one of the best tours in Rome, and is a ‘must-do’ on your trip here. For more information or for help with bookings, please feel free to contact us.

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