Tour South Africa's Haunted Places

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The ghosts of South Africa are restless and if you have a flair for the paranormal, then this kind of tour is perfect for you!

The Prince Albert Ghost Walk

Due to the friendliness of the spirits who dwell in this Karoo village, the Prince Albert Ghost Walk has become a popular spot for tourists and locals to flock to in hopes of seeing one of the many spectres that are there.


This military post has seen the tragedies of train accidents and carries with it the death of many of its settlers. Be sure to visit the Old Provost - the most haunted place in Grahamstown.

The Flying Dutchman

Fact or fiction? Most people view the story of the Flying Dutchman as pure myth, but many claim to have actually seen this 17th-century Dutch Trader emerge from the Cape Seas. Is it simply a mirage? Let your own eyes be the judge.

Rudd House, Kimberley

This 22-room home of the Rudd family is claimed to house the ghosts of a lady in white and a baby who cries in the night. The Rudd family abandoned the home because of its unwelcome guests. Many people claim to feel chilled when in the area of this house.

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