Tour Canada's First Aboriginal Winery - Nk'Mip

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Canada's Southern Okanagan offers the perfect climate for growing and maintaining grapes – particularly those used in wine production. It's hot, sunny summer days and mild winters help the vineyards of Osoyoos to thrive.


The Nk'Mip Cellars, which happen to be Canada's first Aboriginal winery, have a capacity to produce and store over 160,000 litres of wine. Chardonnay, Riesling, and Pinot Blanc are just some of the popular wines you'll find in the cellars.


The quality of wine produced as Nk'Mip continues to be a source of pride for the winemakers, but they they don't expect you to take their word for it – wine tasting and a wineshop are available for you to try some out for yourself.

If you want to catch the back-end production, winery tours take you from the vine, through the fermentation, and all the way to a glass of fine wine. During this tour, you will learn not only about the wine, but also about the trials and tribulations of the native Osoyoos Band.


Tours are held daily from spring to fall, but winter tours are done only by reservation.

Admission: $7.50 per person (other tours are available as well)

For more information, visit the official Mk'Mip Cellars webpage.

To reserve a tour, click here.

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