Top Ten Food Trucks in New York City

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Are you planning to visit New York City in the near future? Here is our list of the top 10 food trucks in New York City

Below is a list of the top food trucks you will find when visiting New York City:

1. The Cinnamon Snail - Expect to sample delectable snacks such as the signature cinnamon bun, Thai BBQ tempeh sandwich, and vegan donuts among others. And all these at less than US$5.


2. Shorty's on the Wheels - Are you a sucker for great cheesesteak? Prepare your taste buds for this 'eat on the wheel' serves the best there is in New York. Other snacks on the menu include; honey chipotle steak, Italian fries and Chicken steak. The rate of this delicacies will range from US$5 to US$15


3. Souvlaki GR Steak - Welcome to a restaurant on the wheel that serves exotic snacks such as Tyrokafteri spicy feta dip, Greek burger, and other great Greek bites.


4. Kevin Slush - Welcome to this eminent city oasis that will serve you with the best drinks in the market to quench your thirst. On the menu include; raspberry puree, green and black tea, spicy ginger tea etc.


5. Van Leeuwen Artisan Icecream - Find these food trucks in downtown Manhattan and Williamsburg. Expect bites such as all flavors of ice-cream such as giandunja and currants.


6. Morris Truck - Expect to find multiple Morris Trucks in all the popular New York Streets serving fresh sandwiches prepared with pickled green tomatoes, purple basil pesto and mozzarella.


7. El Olomega - From April to October, find this truck parked next to Brooklyn's Red Hook Ballfields. Sample the Salvadorean pupusas that are prepared with shredded pork, sweet plantains, loroco flower, zuchinni and chicken.


8. Calexico - Expect to be served with Californian-inspired Mexican cuisine. The trucks will be packed at Flatiron, SoHo, and Barclays Center. Expect to be served with tortillas filled with chipotle pork, gringo ground beef, ancho chilies and cumin.


9. Milk Truck - The owners of these trucks are specialists in grilled cheese and milkshakes. Expect to find them parked from Harlem to Fort Greene.


10. Taim Mobile - This is a creation of Chef Einat Admony. Here, you will find traditional falafel and hummus with Middle Eastern toppings such as Yemeni hot sauce and Amba pickled mango.


This is a great way to eat in New York, so when you head out into the streets when you arrive in the city you are bound to spot one of these restaurants on wheels.

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