Top 5 up and Coming African Tourist Destinations

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Africa has always been a great adventure destination, but in recent years there have been several up and coming countries to check out. It has several things going for it such as good climate, diverse wildlife and affordability. With the growth of infrastructure in the hospitality industry, the tourism package that is unraveling in this continent is hard to resist a trip.

With the economic fortunes of most African countries quickly changing for the better, both business travellers and leisure travellers are well advised to watch the following up and coming African countries.

1. Rwanda

This country has emerged from the worst recorded genocide on African soil to become one of the shining lights in African economics, democracy and tourism infrastructure. If you are an investor, this country will guarantee you a return you cannot have in your country. If you are a tourist, you are well informed to have a larger budget. Today, you can enter Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda with a single tourist visa. The complete East African tourism circuit is available from Rwanda.

2. Botswana

Backed by rich mineral resources, the economy of Botswana has been growing on double digits and it is one place as an investor you want to put your money. For the tourist, you will be surprised at how the Western media stereotypes Africa as a continent of beggars and diseases. As much as some of what they say is true, majority of African countries can today hold their own on the international scene. Botswana is a country to watch.

3. Seychelles

For years, this Indian Ocean island country has been the model of democracy in Africa. If you are yet to visit it, you have missed out on experiencing life on the most beautiful beaches on earth - and yes, no country comes even close to rivaling this...not even Hawaii.

4. Uganda

Tourism in Uganda has exploded in recent years and it's focused on wildlife and the landscape. What has become extremely popular in recent years is mountain gorilla tours and this is the biggest tourist attraction in the country. Uganda is one of only three countries where it is possible to visit the endangered mountain gorillas. The others in Africa are Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

5. Ghana

Unfortunately, this is the only country from the western coast that is worth putting on the top African destination. Formerly a source of slaves that were taken across the Atlantic to work in the American plantations, the country's economy is today booming on the backdrop of petro-dollar revenue. The rising middle class is good for the investors in the hospitality industry and the luxury brands. Amazingly, the country also has some beaches on Atlantic Ocean shores.

Additional countries worth watching are Nigeria, Zambia, Kenya, Ethiopia and Equatorial Guinea. Trust me; Africa will be an entirely different ball game in 10 years if the momentum we are seeing is anything to go by.

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